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June 20, 2016


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Karl Kolchack

The Trump phenomenon is actually the first sign of rationality among working class conservative voters since before Ronald Reagan began conning union members into voting against their own economic interests nearly 40 years ago. Doubt Trump's sincerity if you will--and there is very good reason to do so--but his is the first Republican presidential candidate who has attacked the neoliberal economic paradigm that has destroyed tens of millions of good paying blue collar jobs. Relatedly, the reason why Trump's bigoted attacks on immigration are resonating so strongly with those same voters is that undocumented workers are directly competing with them for those remaining jobs for which they are qualified.

Meanwhile, the Clintons are poster children for neoliberalism, as is Obama. Every major job destroying "free" trade agreement that has impoverished working people and made the rich even richer has been signed into law by a Democratic president. Even now, with so many Trump and Sanders voters clearly rejecting the continuation of such policies, Obama is still relentlessly flogging the godawful TPP.

The Brexit clearly shows that voters in the Western world are finally getting fed up with being conned by neoliberal politicians. It would have been great had the Democrats recognized which way this wind was blowing and nominated Sanders. They didn't, and as a result there is a very good chance that come January we will see President Trump.

Molly Radke

THANKS for the post, George. As usual, I totally agree with you. It's PAST time to realize that capitalism, like communism, is an ideological tool, rather than a "final solution!" It's past time to move on to a more rational, more recently thought out system. EVERY system is probably limited by time and place, but it's WAY past time to part with the absurdities of the neo-liberal capitalist faith.

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