How Does the World Work?

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July 07, 2017


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Craig Moodie

George, I could not agree more.
If this is the best the world can offer, then we are in heaps of trouble.


This epic if gruesome slow motion collapse has a post-human cosmic purpose...its the only rational (haha) explanation.
Think like a geologist on geological timescale; accept it with grace and gratitude. Walk away from futile resistance, tune in to the Dark Mountain return to your childhood and start beliving that you really are living the ultimate rat-in-a-maze existential indecipherable experiment.

Godofredo Aravena

George, some meditations I would suggest keeping in mind.
The leaders are a full reflection of the people electing them, so, if we have problems with our leaders, we should find the problems within our society.
Leaders, elected or de facto are in both cases a result of the base society of the moment.
The lack of leadership is also a consequence of the base society of the time and moment.
And the current status of things is the result of all the previous and past leaders, then, inevitably, we have to assume that the system, us, has very big issues, that we have avoided to face and accept. We have had so many “tries” and so many occasions to put to practice a way to fix the problems, and failed, over and over, that it is the moment to accept that we have doing things very wrong. By one reason and another. It is time to seriously pay attention to the basis of the system, as certainly there is where all the problems are located.
It is the moment to stop patching.


@Aravena: The world works hardly in the way as you describe.
- The media are owned by a tiny layer/section of society and they decide on coverage, which decides on selection, which decides on election
- Leadership is there, see how Fortune Global 500 work, just not how _you_ like it
- Results of decisions include side effects, which sometimes are not related to the leaders doing the decisions, but other parts doing something else
- Voters decided to look at the basis and concluded, but the global establishment found that they vote wrong (see: Almost any vote which does question the sprouting supreme state EU or multicultural stuff). Curiously this happens time and again despite being bombarded 24/7 with the opposite opinion

George Mobus


we are definitely in a world of trouble. This world is coming to an end soon. What will replace it?


Colorful and apt. All those who are eusapient should be looking for their escape plans.


Look back to my writings on sapience and eusapience. The selection criteria for the latter is at hand.


It no longer matters how the "world works." It doesn't work. We are way beyond explanation of how the world works. We are in chaos. Nothing else matters.


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