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August 21, 2017


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Possibly unfair to blame Trump,an insignificant man, although one can understand the embarrassment felt by a civilized person: the loss of US moral standing began long, long ago, at the time of the Vietnam war and the publication of images of burnt and naked children.

The war in Iraq, and the WMD Lie,hammered the last nails into the international reputation of the US.

Certainly,post-WW2,the US represented decency,humanity, energy and - above all -
abundance, to the half-starved 'victors' of Western Europe in their ruined or semi-ruined cities.

My mother (81) recalls being mesmerized as a teenager by the white telephones to be seen in the movies -what could be more luxurious and more of a contrast to dingy, rationed, bakelite, Britain!

When my father wanted to live the high life in Franco's Spain, he bought a gleaming cadillac!

Otherwise, the US merely shares in the loss of intelligence, culture and dignity which has spread throughout the whole West, and in the irrationality and polarisation which is engulfing the world.

It is known only as an exporter of tech fantasies and poisoned, tasteless, food, and a debased ghetto culture in clothing and speech.

I wouldn't take it too hard: there is scarcely an advanced country one could possibly think of with pride today.


George thanks for saving the world and us Canadians too. In spite of the fact that the US is way farther down the collapse road than other western countries and especially cultural collapse, you still put all your faith in your version of history. Still all about exceptional you and and only you. You guys are the best at pissing on others graves. You probably can't help it. It runs too deep.

BTW, did you ever consider how the Marshall plan looked a lot like 'the company store'?

Godofredo Aravena

Hi George
I would not blame anything to the US regarding how other countries have gone into a non-sense path.
Because in the end, our lives are based on our own decisions. Nobody to blame other than ourselves. The same applies to countries. The same applies to the US.
The only thing I regret is that the US with its enormous influence, and being able to, is not taking any lead into a more logical concept of living.
On the other hand, the world we live today is the result of decisions always taken thinking that they were the best option of the moment and time, but unfortunately, based on a very limited view. Nothing more can be expected from a society ruled by followers.
It is just the way things have to be, had to be. By the brutal logic of the functionality of the systems we call humans. Ourselves. But we can learn, we will learn, it is also part of our functionality, paying a very high cost this time though. Result of playing to the infinite growth game, the overshoot game.
Godofredo Aravena

Craig Moodie

George. There are very few people in the world, that I respect or admire, you for the most part are one of those people. It therefore saddens me to think that you actually believe the official version of history.

George Mobus

The comments have me perplexed and puzzled. What did I say???

How, Craig, from this brief post do you get that I believe the "official version of history". May I remind you that this blog is called "Question Everything" for a reason!

Apneaman, you are welcome but I haven't a clue as to what you are talking about. By the way your response seems like you are particularly sensitive to certain issues. You seem to have read some intent into my comment that was not in evidence as far as I can see.

Craig Moodie

The official version, is that the attack on Pearl Harbour was unprovoked. You also seem to suggest that the reason for the US entering WW2 was entirely noble. I would suggest the reasons were somewhat nefarious.

Craig Moodie

I seem to recall someone saying something along the lines of 'all wars are bankers wars'

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