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March 20, 2018


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Very interesting post, thank you.

The tragedy will be, one must suppose, that those regions where there would otherwise be a greater chance of bottleneck survival - ie. long growing seasons; less connection to industrial civilization;capable, generalist people, etc, - will be hammered by changes in weather patterns and the effects of industrial pollution.

Meanwhile, those of us who possess a degree of sapience in the advanced economies can only look on with horror.

Molly R.

VERY interesting. I visited a friend in So. Africa years ago....when apartheid was still fully in force. Did a tour of a game park. All in all it was a life-changing experience.

George Mobus

Maybe those people in less developed regions will still stand a better chance. They are quite resourceful from what I saw - making do with what they had. I believe they are probably better prepared to adapt than those in developed countries. Time will tell.

I had heard from a number of people over the years that going to see Africa, especially places like the Serengeti, does change people. It certainly did me. I came back profoundly disturbed and yet much more hopeful.

Fred Magyar

Especially sad to hear about the corals. I was born in Brazil and started scuba diving back in 1975. I currently live in South Florida and have spent time on many coral reefs. I was back in Brazil in 2015-16 and dove on some of the reefs where I had learned to dive. Pretty the same much as you have described the situation on your snorkel trip. Even on my local reefs here in Florida I can see that the reefs are no longer healthy. Hey what to expect if you increase temps and reduce ocean pH, add industrial and agricultural runoff, pesticides, herbicides and even sunscreen from tourists. Beginning to look at lot like the End Permian might be a repeat...

Fred Magyar

I meant to write: "Pretty much the same as you describe..."

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