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December 31, 2018


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A good summary. Thanks.

Molly Radke


David Gould

I think this summary is spot on. Please share any references that would be of interest on this topic.



Hi George,

Yes the inescapable is here. I am surrounding myself with sapient 18 - 25 year olds in a province that recently endured collapse conditions here in New Zealand. i hope that your hope for sapience - one i share - having a continuing place in this neck of the universe can continue a little while although it seems likely that extinction is a distinct possibility my will to survive will not wither until the very end.


A good piece, thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Tobias Arvidsson

I used to have very similar views to yours, but I have started feeling more optimistic. Mainly since I do think people fundamentally want our best and that people will eventually wake up and that movements for change will eventually start. As we suffer we open up for change and I do think we got the science to turn things around. There is lots of greed and corruption in goverments around and we would need to sort that out too.

Arome Global

Happy New Year

Fred Magyar

Well, I just spent a few months in Europe, was good to get a fresh perspective on things!

I had also joined and they have since taken a step back. Hopefully their ideas will continue.

I think Everyone should read Quarks to Culture: How We Came to Be
by Tyler Volk

It might help all of us understand phenomena such as Brexit and Trump.

It is certainly a case of two steps forward one step back...
I'm trying to be optimistic despite being profoundly depressed. ;-)

George Mobus

To all commentators:

Sorry for delays. I am deeply enmeshed in a few projects aimed at still trying to understand our predicament and a systems approach to minimizing harm. These are absorbing my time completely. I will try to summarize in my equinox post in a few days.


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