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December 21, 2018


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Hi George, it is a difficult time to send greetings, but a Merry Christmas wish never harmed anyone. So, Merry Christmas! And I bought the book you mentioned and I am also waiting for your new book! Keep in touch. Ugo


These changes do not need to occur in the brain. Imagine how much more efficient a large group today, using tools such as email, social media, and phone calls, can accomplish a task vs a large group in the past that had none of those tools.

The changes that will make a difference are communication tools that are more efficient than we have now. As those tools become better, so to does our ability to act as a whole. This is a simple relationship, more efficient communication tools, leads to tighter group coordination.

We blame psychology of individual humans for our inability to work together, yet we never think about the tools that allow us to scale our biological forms of communication to larger and larger groups.

George Mobus

Folks, Ugo is Ugo Bardi who's blog is listed in the side bar - Cassandra's Legacy. Check it out.


I suspect you didn't read the papers at the link I provided. In fact we have gotten all kinds of new communications technologies over the past 100 years, linking lots of minds together and look where it has gotten us. Tools are only as good as the minds that use them.


Molly Radke

Re: Our current socio-economic system....I have been arguing, fruitlessly, for years that the capitalist notion that infinite growth is not only desirable, but POSSIBLE, is a logical absurdity.....infinite growth in a finite system is truly a logical impossibility....

John C

I was wondering if you have seen the torrent of recent reporting on the collapse of insect populations around the world. Any thoughts from you would be welcome on this topic. Thank you for your work.

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