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April 25, 2019


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Knowing that we came to the point that we can not only think about, but also understand how we could intentionally develop our wisdom while at the same time being stuck in a deadlock and heading quickly into what looks like, at best, a deeper dark ages or, at worst, extinction is a joke of the worst kind.
One would hope that some sort of parapsychological event could come to happen but it seems like holding on to any hope at this point is just foolishness.

Thank you for sharing another reflection.

Honestly asking

Why is the majority necessary?

By your own analysis, energy/resource use is the driving problem, and you acknowledge most people are simply not particularly intelligent/sapient. Add the very real technologies of genetic engineering, and we've got eugenics on steroids. Why keep an all-consuming, imperfect, and largely useless majority around?

Gary H. Stroy

Hi George

Can you point me to comments made by Paul Chefurka. He work is amazing but I don’t see him in the blogsphere much snymore


Interesting read. Perhaps not very realistic in view of basic human nature, but I'm glad to see somebody is trying to alert people to the inevitability of the fall of civilization.

The big question is what to do about it. Perhaps one must sit down and think about more workable solutions.

Emily Tock

Thank you for your philosophical/technilogical/psychological offerings on this blog. However, I would suggest that restructuring human society should be moved to the near-term category. I have doubts that any of your agenda is possible without that restructuring.

George Mobus


Apologies for my lateness of response. Retirement finds me involved in more projects than is reasonable!

What I am suggesting is that there is a universal evolution as the process that produces increasingly complex organization and that humans in their current form may be seed components for the next round of complexification. But only if there is further evolution (selection) of sapience. Evolution is always a kind of crap shoot! The only thing we can say definitely about it is that it WILL happen as long as there are energy gradients in the universe.

Paul has a Facebook group. You might try searching for him there.

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