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May 17, 2019


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Steve Kurtz

have a look at:

Humans are complex social mammals, and are not exempt. There are rare exceptions such as suicides and voluntary simplicity, but they make the rule.

Your optimism is on shaky ground IMHO.

Cheers on the Downslope,


Steven B Kurtz
Amherst MA

Frederick B Perry

The only direction is transhumanism?

Fred Magyar

Tks George, while I am past the point of looking for answers, I will check out the MAHB web site and your book!


Is there an ebook version?

George Mobus


I have attempted to show that humans have transcended mere animalness vis-a-vis the properties of sapience in the book. So, for example, the maximum power principle may be (to some degree) overridden by governance. Not too dissimilar to the way in which power dissipation (through oxidation) is controlled in metabolism. Power is still dissipated but over a longer time frame.

Recommend you read the book and consider the arguments before dismissing the thoughts I've expressed in this blog.


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