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June 21, 2019


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Third law of thermodynamics:
"There is no sucht thing as brushing the dirt under the rubber"
Fourth law of thermodynamics:
"There is no such thing as a reverse gear for life!"
Is there ?


rubber ? carpet!


Very true.

According to legend,the Prince of Balkh ('Mother of Cities') set out to find Wisdom, and finding a stone in his path reading 'Pick me up and turn me over'did so andread on the other side:

'Why do you seek Wisdom, when you do not act on what you already know?'

I have come to believe that we have enough accessible energy resources, and just enough intelligence, if not wisdom, to do ourselves in as a species.

How cruel these thoughts are when this is the loveliest summer in this part of the world - where both capitalist industrialism and constant agricultural revolution were born - for many years: such a profusion of roses, wild flowers, and even, for once, bees....

The ancient university here, which should carry the banner for sapience, is now merely a real estate developer, as far as I can see, having been quite a good custodian of the land for many centuries, it is now all being wrecked. Conctrete will be poured until the last.

Thank you for posting as usual ,and do enjoy these pleasant days: shades of the summer of 1914?

Karl Kolchak

It isn't just Trump--nothing will be done as long as long as neoliberals and neoconservtaives remain the dominant political forces in both the U.S. and in most of Europe (however much Trump plays the authoritarian populist card, he's really a neoliberal on steroids). How was Obama's administration different from Trump's in terms of practical action taken against climate change? He merely signed the U.S. on to the utterly toothless Paris Agreement so that American liberals could pretend that they had done something. Trump doesn't even bother pretending, but the end result is the same.

Ultimately, however, blaming the leaders is too easy. After all, they don't (yet) elect themselves. The citizenry votes them in because a majority of people refuse to make any sacrifices for the common good, especially the rich whose money dominates our election cycles.

So yeah, I agree with you that nothing is going to happen. On the whole, people are just too selfish and too stupid.


First time reader here and loving it.
I think it’s not the leaders or goverments it’s us.
People does not see that buying an electric car is not a solution for anything it’s the same or even worst. I want to see in some years what are we going to do with the batteries and all this trash we are creating now...
Big companys are the ones who control the world and are the ones who tell everybody what to buy.

anthony noerpel

Hi George

my thoughts on DACCS.

A new paper by Daniel H. Rothman Characteristic disruptions of an excitable carbon cycle in PNAS might put the kibosh on storing it in the ocean.

thanks for the link to the ASU work. My other problem with DACCS and BECCS is what politicians hear when somebody tells them about it. "We're saved. No problem."

Tony Noerpel

Robert Vogel

It takes good government to maintain a balance between democracy and capitalism. The more inequality, the worse the government. Unfortunately, capitalism is winning now, so it is plundering and destroying the earth for profit. Climate devastation will be the mother of all market failures. We probably are destroying the planet for the kids.

George Mobus


Apologies for my lateness in responses. Things are happening and demands are more than should be the case for a retiree!

My Autumnal Equinox blog, now up, may supply some thoughts in answer to points made in your commentaries. As always I expect nothing from the current governments and so as long as the citizens permit them to govern, they are committing species suicide! The truly sapient among us will drop out of the social structure and prepare for the worst.


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