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September 23, 2019


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For those interested in further thoughts on the future of Homo Sap & Planet Earth, you can listen to the discussion we ha on this topic a couple of months ago...


Paul Harris

Your last paragraph captures humanities essence perfectly.
But, short of massive, controlled genetic manipulation of the species to steer it onto the correct path, what do we do about it?
There’s nothing we can do, of course. This is our path and we’re reaching the end of it.

George Mobus

Several people have said that the link I provided for the Doomstead diner doesn't work(?) It did for me. But if you use RE's link to Youtube you should be able to get the interview.

Dr Scanlon

"why are human beings so stupid and ignorant?"

The Maximum Power Principle.

Nature abhors a gradient.

Joe Clarkson

And yet these "stupid" people with minimal sapience have ancestors that managed to live in equilibrium with the rest of the earth's biota for over 200,000 years. Somehow I doubt that our problems are "based on strong genetic influence".

Paul Harris

200,000 years is an eye blink. Our genetic destiny was always taking us down this path in time.
Besides, there’s no evidence that we ever lived in harmony with the rest of the biome.

George Mobus


If you are interested in the idea of sapience as a unique human characteristic, which is, unfortunately, only weakly present in the majority of the population, then please read my book. We can all form opinions about what is and isn't genetic or nurture vs. nature. But whether those opinions conform to reality is dependent on scientific facts examined systemically.

I addressed the MPP in a reply to my previous blog.


Don Stewart

Result of a lot of reading:
Becoming Who You Are (Nietzsche's Question)

I am a creature searching for homeostasis in a changing world, using heuristics (e.g., Maximum Power Principle; the Golden Rule; Look Out For Number One) which served my younger self from inception in the womb, and my ancestors well enough to be favored by the epigentics governing hormonal expression and the assessments of the tiny, but important, rational part of my brain.

Creativity is putting together two previously disparate considerations or technologies, creating a new path toward homeostasis. The new path, in order to be effective, must become instantiated in the epigenetics governing hormonal expression and rational assessment (e.g., we have to feel good about it, and believe it is actually possible). We engage in creativity every night that we experience REM sleep. However, the ’solutions’ we invent are overwhelmingly rejected as impractical in the cold light of morning. Nevertheless, ’sleeping on it’ is one of the best heuristics our species has invented.

I am also a creature entirely dependent on relationships with other creatures:
*from the microbes that perhaps created me and continue to supply most of my genetic material and control my metabolism,
*to the creatures I eat for energy from grasses to cattle, and the microbes and other living things that they rely upon
*to my fellow humans who supply the only way for my genetic material to survive into the future,

Comments solicited...Don Stewart
*as well as co-operate to survive in the changing world.

Tony Noerpel

Hi George et al.

The last thing we want would be economists running things. I would opine that the test should include a little physics as well. I think also we should not underestimate the contribution of our hands to our "success" and we should not over estimate our intelligence.

My current thoughts on the human economy:


Best regards


guide of lucky patcher

Several people have said that the link I provided for the Doomstead diner doesn't work

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