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June 20, 2020


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Molly Radke

THANK YOU for "coming back!" I' reading "What Kind of Country Do We Want" by Marilynne Robinson in the June 11 issue of the New York Review of Books. Sorta says what you are saying here. Hope springs eternal for REAL CHANGE. Molly Radke

Molly Radke

And I've been thinking....when I used to teach high school social studies (I retired 20 years ago, and my memory is probably faulty), I used to compare communism and capitalism. As I recall, I taught that they were both 19th century ideologies, which presumed to be based on some sort of "natural laws" of human nature and historical development. I told my students that the notion that folks in the 19th century had the perfect, FINAL understanding of these things was a touch on the silly side. Each ideology presumed to have the final word on the nature of inevitable economic development, and each presumed that any "rational analysis" of all this would demonstrate the truth of THEIR ideology. Both seemed to obviate the notion that alternative intellectual analyses could/would come up with alternative conclusions about these matters. And frankly, the longer I live, the more convinced I become that Marx's analysis of the pattern of capitalist development - tho not necessarily of it's ultimate outcome - was fairly accurate.

Scott Ahlf

As I recall, I taught that they were both 19th century ideologies
Capitalism is a 14th Century ideology.

Molly Radke

In any event, they're BOTH historical and outdated.


If "black lives matter" improves the lives of people because they're black and it's "social justice" because it makes living conditions of people bearable, then also Trump makes "America Great Again".

Because it's true if someone says so. Because its what the respective political clients hope for.

If you haven't noticed any "pain" int he people of the country you live in chance is you belong to the privileged caste that notices nothing at all.

These "social justice" movmements always complacently avoid to cross the interests of big corporations, the high resource use of their privileged members and the consequences of their life style.

For somebody who "questions everything", you sure take the promises of a political movement easily.

All I see is the western middle class rallying for the interests of some political institutions, open little windows to real "grievances" that exists and claim to speak for those in grief, and allowing only the grievance they show in the little window to be debated.

Anyone who informs themselves from more than one source about "social justice" and keeps a critical distance to EVERY source will easily find, that there are many many contradicitons to this narrative.

I have never seen these priviledged midle class people rallying for the slavery and exploitation in indsutry and agriculture in the West, with grievance that is AT THE LEAST as bad as what they critize and claim to be the remedy of.


“As I recall, I taught that they were both 19th century ideologies”
Capitalism is a 14th Century ideology.”

Well, no.
Capitalism is NOT an ideology.

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