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March 20, 2021


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Steven B Kurtz

Hi George,

I agree with everything up until your conclusion that Climate Change is the root cause of increasing suffering and unrest. Yes we are short term clever and long term dumb. But it is our biological success as seen in a population chart which indicates an 800% increase in our numbers in a mere 2 centuries which is the root cause.

It is not PC to say this. The three main global institutions (government, business, religion) are all addicted to growth in population for revenues and power. Like all life we expand niches as possible. We will shrink as physical limits are finite.

I hope you and your colleagues reconsider your conclusion.

Peter Salonius

Hello George

Your statements regarding current climate:

"growing extent of climate disruptions"
"2020 saw some of the most severe weather events in history."
"more hurricanes, more tornadoes, more floods,more loss of life and physical assets than ever before"
"more tornadoes. More floods. More loss of life and of physical assets than ever before"
"climate chaos is no longer a supposition. It is here. Crops all over the world are in jeopardy."
......must be the result of your reading popular press, as actual recent global climate observations show that not one of these statements is true.

Do contact
Roger A. Pielke Jr. to obtain rebuttals to each of these popular misinformation's.

Peter Salonius

Hello George, again

Further to what I wrote this morning about the wrongness of your statements about climate .... I refer you to an interview with Roger A. Pielke Jr at :

Eric Lee

When I got to "But the single basic cause of the problems is climate change" I figured you'd left out a word like "proximal" before "cause of", which is arguably true, but if someone could push a button today and reset the climate to 1950 norms for the next century tomorrow (and did) it would change nothing that mattered. We would still be on the same Anthropocene trajectory amid our perfect storm with merely one fewer issue.

And if there are no political solutions, democracy as a failed subsystem is a distraction. When growth falters in China, the CCP will be blamed. That Khrushchev's promise to bury the West by out growing it failed is merely because capitalism/democracy is better at growing the economy than 5-year plan committees of expert ideologues.

Soon, social-capitalist democracies will be the worst form of political economies along with all the others. An apolitical naturocracy might be alternative, but alternatives to BAU or BAU in sheep's clothing (e.g. GND) is unthinkable (at least until most are looking over, with that deer in the headlights look, the net-energy cliff). And then what? I don't know. But I'll guess daffodils will bloom in the spring in southern costal Oregon where they have become a mildly invasive species where little Dora Daffoseed has been.

George Mobus

Eric is quite right, I should have added the word "proximate". My point is that the current triggering of unrest and failing states is the climate chaos and speaking to the fact that the MSM miss this as a rule.

I too often assume readers are familiar with my past writings on issues like population in which I do acknowledge the importance of population as for example in the IPAT formulation. I fully grasp that population size and densities contribute to the growing pressures/tensions and are an underlying cause of our problems, including climate change itself (c.f.,

Even more fundamental in my mind is that humans are unable to self-regulate or consider consequences of their actions due to the fact that our brains are just not evolved enough in terms of sapience (links to this theory in the post). The average human being is not able to consider what it means that everyone is having so many babies.

I am very familiar with the work of Pielke the younger. I take my cues from actual climate scientists not a political scientist.


Peter Salonius

Actual climate scientists are few and far between.

Patrick Moore, Eisenhower's warning, and reponse to Nobel Summit misinformation

In case you have not encountered Patrick Moore's views about climate science ... here for your interest is a 5-minute video at:


Subject: Eisenhower warned against a scientific-technological elite dominating public policy

Most commentators on President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address given sixty years ago emphasize that Eisenhower warned against an industrial-military complex dominating US public policy. But as importantly, perhaps more importantly today, Eisenhower also warned against a scientific-technological elite dominating public policy. With the Biden Administrating making “climate change” a priority, the fear of such dominance has become real.


Contrary to what the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), NASA’s Goddard Institute on Space Studies (NASA-GISS), and other government organizations proclaim, the greenhouse effect is poorly measured by changes in surface temperatures, because surface temperatures have been changing for hundreds of millions of years for reasons not fully understood.

Atmospheric temperature trends are a more direct measurement of changing greenhouse effect, but they do not separate changes in water vapor from carbon dioxide. These measurements have been taken for over 40 years. The most direct measurements of the influence of carbon dioxide are found in the databases of observations from the atmosphere such as the high-resolution transmission molecular absorption database (HITRAN), which has been compiled for about 50 years. These observations support decades of laboratory experiments which were used to conclude that increasing CO2 in today’s atmosphere would not have a significant effect on temperatures.

In short, a politically motivated scientific-technological elite has proclaimed a “climate crisis” which does not exist. As is occurring in Western Europe, the North American public may fall victim to this false crisis


Subject: Nobel Prize Summit - re: climate prognostications

I have just read the announcement:

Nobel Prize Summit -

Our future depends on our collective ability to become effective stewards of the global commons – the climate, ice, land, ocean, freshwater, forests, soils and rich diversity of life. The first Nobel Prize Summit brings together Nobel Prize laureates, scientists, policymakers, business leaders ...

FROM Not a Decade to Spare for Climate Action | Project Syndicate included in the announcement ---we read the following knee jerk unsupported litany as follows:

--------"POTSDAM – The last decade was the hottest on record, according to independent data analyses from NASA and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration."

MY NOTE: except for the heat waves in the 1930s and the Roman and Mediaeval warm periods.

.-------"The reality of climate change is sinking in, with millions now feeling its effects – from rising sea levels and disappearing coastlines to more frequent extreme weather such as droughts, floods, and wildfires."

MY NOTE: watch the following short interview about the wrongness of these statements about climate .... in an interview with Roger A. Pielke Jr at :

-------"Indeed, given current atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases and the projected trajectory of future emissions, more record temperatures are inevitable."

MY NOTE: re: the projected trajectory..... this trajectory is projected by using climate models that cannot even match climate observations of the last few decades during which there has been minimal climate warming in the face of soaring carbon containing greenhouse gas emissions.

This just gets tiring.

Peter Salonius

Try the short read at the URL below:

Schooling Alarmist College Students on Bogus Climate Claims | Principia Scientific Intl. (

Steven B Kurtz

Walter Youngquist revisited:

Heiner Benking

interesting that you highlight not only Earthday but Equinox. We have celebrated the 50th anniversary last year and now uploaded Saturdays celebration. Enjoy and maybe start thinking how to question the unknowable and surprise. Maybe also the EarthBeat as a video-making challenge exercise with Youth:

George Mobus


I got your invite for LinkedIn but at my old UW email address. LI doesn't recognize me there. My email for LI is george dot mobus at gmail dot com. I would send you an invite but I refuse to become a premium member since I am retired and LI has minimal value for me!

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