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June 20, 2021


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Richard lupton

So long and thank YOU for all the fish.

Steven B Kurtz

Thanks for all of your efforts, George. Many of us learned from them. If you get to New England, please let me know.
Steve Kurtz
Amherst MA

Nigel Goddard

Hmmm I might be able to host the archive for you - contact me if interested.

Rob Mielcarski

Thank you and best wishes.

Bev Courtney

So sorry to read that. Thank's for all to excellent posts over the years.


Gosh .......

Dave Gould

Thank you George! I've learned a lot from your Website and books. I would be happy to contribute to keeping your site active as I think it is not replaceable. Looking forward to your next book and I wish you well on your new journey.


When all is said and done

we wake up tomoroow for something new to say and do


Go well George, and thank you.

It has been important to know there were others out there, while I was trying to communicate the human predicament in my own country (NZ). You have always been a go-tO.

good luck
Murray G


Thank you George. I loved your blog, your ideas and the way you presented them to us. I'll now wait for your book(s) to come out :)

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